And I am back home from #onstage2016 and LOVING my new catalog!
Poof! And then it was May!

My room is almost clean so it's time to play!

Well the Lord must have known I needed to be indoors today but very thankful for the rain we are getting in Minnesota!  The grass is a beautiful shade of green already and trees are coming back to life! 

Today I want to share the Paper Pumpkin kit for April.  Now I will be honest...when I saw this I was skeptical but after I got it all together, I was pleasantly surprise!  Take a look!

Final wreath

What do you think?  I was very happy when I finished and was shocked with how much extras we got with this kit.  What to do, what to do.....I know, make a card!  Here is what I came up with:

Wreath alternate

I think it turned out pretty cute and hope you agree!  Now for the fun part, how about your very own Paper Pumpkin kit?!?!  I would love to make that reality come true for you and have one small question to complete this challenge.  What color(s) do you think about when it rains?  Do you think of rainbows or only see grey?  I would love to hear it!  Those that respond to me in any way, shape or form by April 29th, will be entered to win their very own Paper Pumpkin kit featured below:


Can't wait to hear from you and now back to creating!  Thanks for stopping by!



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Heidi Frohman

Rainbows and green grass

Charlotte L

The summer that I was eleven, I stayed with a family near Downer, MN. When it rained enough for the ditches to fill with water, Virginia and I would go "swimming". The water would be no more than 8 to 12 inches deep but it was still great fun.Even if we have a gray rainy day like today, I think of those fun, sunny swimming days on the farm.

Joan Bowar

It makes me smile because I look forward to the green, green grass...

Mrs Krumm

Love it Heidi - love the smell of fresh green grass too!!

Mrs Krumm

What an awesome story Charlotte! I think I can still hear you giggling too! :)

Mrs Krumm

Joan - you are a lady after my own heart!

Twila Wagner

I love your card idea! My wreath turned out cute too. I ended up trying different ribbon and settled for a pastel stripe one that looks cute too. I really like the stamps and have used them on several cards already! Happy Day!

Mrs Krumm

Oh Twila...we need to see your wreath and your projects! Would love to see them on our Facebook page! :)

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