Christmas came early for my favorite stampers!!
One more box but for the kids this time!

Can making boxes get any easier?

Hello my friend!  Thank you so much for loving my first version of BBOB (Boxes Based On Beverage)- your support means a lot!  If you didn't catch the first version, you can find it here.  While prepping for a class making these boxes, I went ahead and made them even easier to assemble!  Below are some new steps for the inside of the box that are more versatile to fit more items for your gift giving needs.  If you would like to watch the video, you can find that here.  If you have any questions, please let me know - Enjoy!!

Boxes Based On Beverage (BBOB)


Here is a basic photo of how the box and lid will look, you will just change the measurements based on what box you want to make: (Refer to first tutorial Boxes Based On Beverage)


Sutter Home 187 ml wine bottle and chocolates – (Finished box size is 4 ½” x 6 ¼” x 2 ¼” tall)


  • For bottom box – cardstock cut at 9” x 10 ¾” – score all sides at 2 ¼”
  • For the lid – cardstock cut at 7 9/16” x 9 5/16” – score all sides at 1 ½”
  • For this one, I recommend 2 pieces for the inside of the bottom box for stability:
    • Piece One:
      • Cardstock cut at 6 ¼” x 9” and score at 2 ¼”, 4 ½”, 6 ¾”. You will form a ‘W’ with this piece and will be placed over the next piece.
    • Piece Two:
      • Cardstock cut at 2 ¼” x 10 ½” and score at 2 ¼”,8 ½”.

                                             Piece One                                                 Piece Two

  • You will glue the ‘W’ together with Piece Two in the middle of it. Once together, it will all go in the box straight down as you see in the photo. 


  • You will need to glue the two smaller tabs to the inside of the box, so it looks like this when done:


Optional Candy insert: (this is so the candy is higher up in the box so you don’t have to fill it.  😉

  • One piece of cardstock cut at 4 ¼” x 6 ¼”
    • Score the short way at 1” and 3 ¼”

20211214_043907778_iOS        20211214_173303381_iOS        20211214_173314495_iOS


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